En Bloc Fever - an opportunity for sellers - a dismay for stayers

Don't sell my home away ! So say the Stayers who love their homes. And yet the wheels turn...

Discussing enbloc:

Kensington Park $1.05 billion.

Pine Grove $1.65 billio

Mandarin Gardens a $2.5 billion

The collective sales committees at Cavendish Park and Laguna Park in Marine Parade are also in talks.

Despite the new measures announced 5 July 2016, leading to lower potential offering price, some homeowners believe that an en bloc sale is still the way to go for their developments.

Those SPs are sellers who want to cash out NOW - and thus believe that they will still gain more from a collective sale than through the current open market.

..But what of those who don't want to cash out?

What's fair to them?

Remember Singapore is the only country in the world that allows your neighbour to unceremoniously kick you out of your beloved home.

Here's to living many more years in our wonderful estate! Please help us to SAVE CLEMENTI PARK:To return this form: Drop your signed form at 129 #04-05 mail box (Acacia) S 597157 OR Call 64635300 OR Fax 64663655 OR scan and send by email to us at homesweethome@saveclementipark.com. OR simply call sms or what's app 90696105 for collection and we will come to your doorstep to collect.

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