Enbloc's the fallout of the new cooling measures!

The enbloc market is dead!

Long live Clementi Park!

The cooling measures are intended to hit certain target groups where it hurts. And that's the Enblocers! And the developers! These groups are:
  • Property investors who buy second and subsequent properties especially the en bloc raiders who have bought because they wanted to cash in on someone's treasured home
  • Foreign investors
  • Developers looking for en bloc opportunities

Based on these groups, we can easily deduce four likely effects of this major round of cooling measures:
  • A death knell for the en-bloc fever!
  • A less attractive property market for foreign investors
  • First-time buyers might go for HDB flats instead, if possible
  • Developers will make a potential loss as they have to redevelop and sell big projects within 5 years

Here's to living many more years in our wonderful estate! Please help us to SAVE CLEMENTI PARK:To return this form: Drop your signed form at 129 #04-05 mail box (Acacia) S 597157 OR Call 64635300 OR Fax 64663655 OR scan and send by email to us at homesweethome@saveclementipark.com. OR simply call sms or what's app 90696105 for collection and we will come to your doorstep to collect.

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