So it's official. There will be an enbloc committee formed. And while we respect our neighbours' (the CSC) sentiments in floating what many of them (in the property biz themselves) call their trial balloon, we heard some surprising and to us, illogical ideas at the meeting.

One such idea:
If Punggol can sell for $1500 psf we can sell enbloc at $1500 (and make money).
What! To buy back a new apartment in this area, we are already looking at $1900 psf in further away Pasir Panjang! So are we upgrading or selling out? And downgrading?

I love this place but the walls are cracked and the place needs painting.
What! Repainting's a coming and touch ups are a given! And by the way, will you love your new place as much?

The lifts have to be maintained, or changed and the hilltops don't have shelter to the carpark and busstop.
Thanks for the suggestion. Akan datang. Let's work toward that instead of looking to disrupt lives and enbloc our community.

Which leads us to the central point facing all of us.
We've renovated our homes. Why not upgrade the exterior of the condo too? Why throw away something good because it's older and needs some work! When it comes to older folk - there's a word for that kind of thinking. Ageism! Let's form a serious upgrading committee once the enbloc fails.

And finally. The last word heard

Developers are cooling because of the cooling measures and oversupply.
But we should still try. If that's the case isn't this a case of really. really bad timing?

Here's to living many more years in our wonderful estate! Please help us to SAVE CLEMENTI PARK:To return this form: Drop your signed form at 129 #04-05 mail box (Acacia) S 597157 OR Call 64635300 OR Fax 64663655 OR scan and send by email to us at OR simply call sms or what's app 90696105 for collection and we will come to your doorstep to collect.

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