But why should you consider to save Clementi Park from the wrecking ball?

Here's feedback from a non enblocer -called a Stayer - one why they want to live in Clementi Park:
1. Displaced families who were en bloced came here - felt an older development always has more space!
2. Clementi Park has some of the biggest bedrooms and living rooms of anywhere they have seen.
3. Animal lovers appreciate the greenery and outdoor space for their pets and so do parents of young kids who love the playgrounds and safe open areas
4. The market is picking up and so no one knows what $1,108 per sq ft will cost in 2 years time! It isn't going to be less, that's for sure!

Here are some pictures of the unit which was sold...

Here's to living many more years in our wonderful estate! Please help us to SAVE CLEMENTI PARK:To return this form: Drop your signed form at 129 #04-05 mail box (Acacia) S 597157 OR Call 64635300 OR Fax 64663655 OR scan and send by email to us at homesweethome@saveclementipark.com. OR simply call sms or what's app 90696105 for collection and we will come to your doorstep to collect.

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